F200 range
IS Megablock

F200 range Megablocks are specifically designed and certified for use in intrinsically safe fieldbus networks. When used with MTL’s 912x or 910x range FISCO power supplies, they allow complete IS segments to be assembled for connection to field instruments carrying intrinsic safety FISCO certification.
‘Entity’ certified devices can be supported using simple adaptors in each spur circuit.
As the F200 Megablocks are part of an intrinsically safe circuit, no special certifications are required for the field enclosure.

  • Certified intrinsically safe for use in FISCO networks
  • Compatible with simplex or redundant FISCO power supplies
  • Spur short circuit protection
  • Rising cage clamp screw or spring clamp terminals for spurs

See product datasheets for more detailed specification information.

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