F30 Exic Adaptor

The F30 Ex ic adaptor enables intrinsic safety protection level Ex ic networks to be assembled, when used in conjunction with 9180 range 8-segment redundant power supplies and F300 range Megablock device couplers. When connected to suitably certified fieldbus instruments in Zone 2 the spurs may be live-worked in accordance with normal intrinsic safety procedures. This solution provides clear separation between the non-arcing (Ex nA) trunk and the intrinsically safe (Ex ic) spurs, avoiding complex wiring rules’ and is compatible with all host H1 control systems.

  • Simple compliance with Ex ic certification requirements from control room to field
  • No need to assess energy contribution of host H1 card
  • Architecture supports Ex nA, Ex d devices and Ex i devices on the same segment
  • Satisfies FISCO and Entity spur applications
  • Supports longer trunk cable lengths for FISCO spur applications

See product datasheets for more detailed specification information.

Ex ic