937x-FB2 range
Simplex/Redundant Fieldbus Barrier

The 937x-FB2 Fieldbus Barrier range are field-mounted wiring hubs that create 6 or 12 intrinsically safe spur connections from a high-energy trunk, for connection to suitably certified Foundation™ fieldbus H1 instruments. They are capable of supporting heavily loaded fieldbus segments and long trunk cable lengths, and can be installed in Zone 1 (gas) or Zone 21 (dust) hazardous areas. The redundant fieldbus barrier will tolerate hardware failures without interrupting the operation of the fieldbus segment for those applications requiring the highest level of availability.

  • Unique, patented redundant configuration.
  • Complete enclosure system, 6 or 12 IS spur connections
  • Mount in Zone 1 or 21 with spurs connected to Zone 0
  • FISCO and Entitycertified fieldbus instruments compatible
  • Compact modular construction, ergonomic design
  • Pluggable system components, no ‘gas free’ constraints
  • Optional integrated surge protection for trunk and spurs

See product datasheets for more detailed specification information.

Foundation HET Ex High Energy Trunk