MTL4850 range
HART® Multiplexer System

The MTL4850 range HART® connection system provides a simple interface between smart devices in the field, control/safety systems and HART® Instrument Management Software (IMS) run on a PC.  The system is based on both 16 and 32-channel modularity to provide a compact, easily configurable and expandable system.

  • MTL4851/52 – Up to 256 channels through multiple secondary modules/single master.
  • MTL4850 – for use with SIL3 loops (non interfering)
  • MTL4854 – Multi-modem for simultaneous communications
  • Mount directly to general purpose or customised HART® connection units & IS backplanes
  • Connect up to 7936 HART® devices on a RS485 network
  • LED indication for fault diagnosis
  • Auto baud rate detection
  • Connectivity to HART® configuration and IMS
  • Compatible with HART® Rev 7

See product datasheets for more detailed specification information.

Ex FSM Functional Safety Management Sil 3