9180-x1 & 9180-x2 range
Redundant Fieldbus Power Supply

MTL918x range Fieldbus power supplies are the first to use a unique “N+1” architecture to provide redundant power for Foundation™ fieldbus networks, reducing capital cost per segment by up to 25%. The 918x uses two modules for segments requiring redundant power up to 250mA; the addition of a third module provides redundant power at 500mA.

  • “N+1” redundancy can reduce capital cost by 25%
  • Fully isolated hot-swappable power modules
  • Integrated versions for major host control systems
  • Screw secured pluggable field & power feed connections
  • Rising cage clamp screw or spring clamp terminals
  • Screen pass-through or ground option without accessories
  • On-line physical layer diagnostics option
  • Pluggable trunk surge protection option

See product datasheets for more detailed specification information.

Foundation HET Ex High Energy Trunk